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Wondering what is next? How you got where you are? Who you are? Afraid you've missed opportunities or what you hoped for is passing by? I work with people looking for authenticity and fulfillment, offering a chance to question openly and explore who you are and what you really love. Understanding the inevitability of change and how to navigate through sometimes unthinkable circumstances can feel overwhelming. I love working together with clients to help them understand and manage these deep emotions--and to realize that they do have the courage to face what is ahead and the ability to manage their own lives.

Graduating from college? Issues of faith, mid-life, divorce? It is easy to feel lost and angry during times of transition. As an intensively trained Dialectical Behavior Therapist (DBT), I love my work with adults with borderline personality disorder, developmental disabilities, or anyone working through difficult life transitions.

Besides specializing in times of transition, I have spent the last eight years working with a large number of adults with developmental (intellectual) disabilities. Using DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) skills, my clients and I work together to find ways to gain greater control over their own thoughts, emotions, and lives.


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