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Social Process Group: NOTE* this group is currently not offered. 
Application for Enrollment

Cody Thomas Rounds and Lyn Taylor Hale Co-faciliatators 

This is an ongoing, semester-based, group for individuals on the Autism Spectrum who are interested in connecting with other like-individuals and exploring deeper relationships. 


The group meets weekly during the academic semester in a relaxed environment focusing on facilitating natural social interactions.


Educational information and opportunities for self-assessment learning are presented periodically in group utilizing a stress free, enjoyable approach.


The group is for individuals at a point in their lives where they are exploring increased independence. Many of the individuals attend local colleges or are new graduates living independently in the community. 

There is no age limit, however, the group is most suitable for those over the age of 18 and the structure of group is based on best-fit.

Space is limited, Pre-screening individuals prior to introduction into the group will begin in July. 

If you have any challenges completing the application or wish to connect please feel free to contact Cody Rounds. 

Below is a downloadable link for a flyer to share with interested individuals


Please feel free to email

or call

1 (802) 363-1055

for any questions or for assistance

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